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Specialist Waste

Hazardous Wastes

Franks is licenced to process and dispose of asbestos and other forms of hazardous waste.

We also safely collect items covered by the UK WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive), which came into force on 2nd January 2007. This directive has been launched to reduce the amount of electronic and electrical waste going to landfill.

We will provide an authorised, safe and economic solution, whether on our own site or at an associated specialist processor. In line with the directive we will recycle what we can and reprocess hazardous elements.

Where required Franks will provide special lockable bins and covered containers to collect waste.

For added safety and peace of mind we are continuously in contact with our fleet of specialised vehicles via a dedicated communication network. In addition our GPS equipment tracks the movement of every vehicle. This allows us to react quickly to your changing requirements and avoids any hold-up on site.

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