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Landfill Waste Disposal

Franks owns and operates its own landfill sites at Betchworth, Surrey and at Mercers Farm near Nutfield  where inert waste is being used to restore land usage following excavation of building sands.

In 2005 our Betchworth facility was the first solely inert waste site to successfully achieve a Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations Permit (PPC).

In order to ensure that the environment and surrounding communities are fully protected, Franks undertakes careful planning and operates its sites to the highest standards of professional care. Our landfill operation complies fully with current PPC (Pollution Prevention & Control) regulations. An electronic weighbridge measures all loads and our computer software records all waste movements.

Our sites are regularly assessed for environmental impact, and every planning application we make is accompanied by rigorous investigation and documentation covering every issue that might impact upon the local environment.

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